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 Welcome to Kentucky Gold Produce. Our farm grows the finest seasonal produce in Kentucky!

We take great pride in picking our  quality produce at the crack of dawn with the dew still on our prized Kentucky Heirloom Tomatoes .

Our Locally Grown Produce is then washed, sorted, boxed and delivered within our 45 mile delivery area.

Using All Natural growing methods and fertilizers we let our field grown vegetables mature in the Kentucky sunshine.

Chefs and gourmets alike love our farm- to-table freshness ! Sitting down to delicious just sliced Kentucky Gold Heirloom Tomatoes is an old fashoined treat like no other.

Being part of a fine menu and having your customers ask for more is our mission statement here at Kentucky Gold Produce.



*We Grow only the finest Produce*

*Every order Packed Early A.M.*

*Taste the difference of
Kentucky Gold Produce*


Farm Products Typically Available June through October each year

Kentucky Gold Produce Farm
Trimble County, Kentucky

Phone : (502) 417-0318          Fax orders (502)743-5939

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